Mouthpiece Refurbishing is more than re-facing and re-voicing. In refurbishing a saxophone or clarinet mouthpiece, we restore the mouthpiece to as close to its original cosmetic condition as possible, in addition to making it play to its full potential.

Refurbishing Saxophone or Clarinet Mouthpieces

  • With a metal mouthpiece, the refurbishing process might involve a re-plating of the entire mouthpiece, inside and out.
  • With a rubber mouthpiece, refurbishing might include several levels of resurfacing, including sand paper, steel wool, rubbing compounds of different grits and polishing with Flitz or some other polishing agent.
  • And, if necessary, the cork on the bottoms of clarinet mouthpieces will be replaced for proper fit.


Mike Vaccaro Refurbished Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces
Refurbished Otto Link Mouthpieces


Replating a Mouthpiece: Replating a mouthpiece involves stripping all of the existing plating, putting a layer of silver in place, then, if bronze, brass, or gold is desired, we put a layer of that on top of the silver. The trick is to make the layers thick enough to withstand the rigors of playing while still not affecting the response of the mouthpiece.


Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpiece Refurbishing
Refurbished Otto Link Mouthpiece

Saxophone & Clarinet Mouthpiece Refurbishing
Refurbished and Refaced Metal Mouthpiece,
Ligature and Cap

We have had great success at restoring old clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces, making them look as good as new, and - when our unique customization process is added - you get a new-looking mouthpiece that plays better than ever.


Refurbishing Mouthpieces

$75 per hour (1 hour minimum, consult us for an estimate)

refurbishing sax and clarinet  mouthpieces

For Refurbishing Sax or Clarinet Mouthpiece Services, please contact Mike Vaccaro Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces to discuss your needs or for information regarding custom mouthpiece services.