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CD Journeyman (Eclectic) (Classical) (Jazz) (Journeyman)
This is an interesting product. I asked several composer friends to write "what they think I do." The result was quite surprising in that all the pieces are quite different.

Prologue by Mark Davidson
Circumsdance by Nick Venden
Whimsey by Richard Bowden
The Celestial Ascension by Allen Davis
In a Quiet Place by Allen Davis
Carnival 2000 by Don Harper

Produced by Peter Woodford
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CD Caprice (Classical Chamber Music) (Caprice)
This CD features songs from a year of practice, multiple times a week, and then we picked our favorite pieces for the album. After the album we spent the next 10 years concertizing and making music together.

Titles Include:

Caprice for "C" Clarinet, By Jack Reidling
Three Chinese Poems, By Jack Reidling
Visits to St. Elizabeth's, By Ned Rorem
Cantata, By Allesandro Scarlatti
A Ballad of Good Lord Nelson, By Judith Dunlore
Johnny, By Jack Reidling
Piano Piece, By Jack Reidling
The Day it Rained at the LA County Museum. By Jack Reidling
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