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Thumb Cushion (Thumb Rest)
Take the pressure off your right thumb. Available for clarinet......Fits all standard thumb rests
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MV Mouthpieces for Saxophone (Sax Mouthpieces)
I make MV Mouthpieces, also seen as MikeVaccaro Mouthpieces, and also known as M&M mouthpieces when I was working with my mentor Marc Yacoubian. I make mouthpieces from blanks (also called shells) of many different materials mostly hard rubber, Ebonite, or some plastics. These blanks are molded or made through a CNC process. When I get them they are not finished so I make them into a ready to play product. I also adjust, repair, and reface your current mouthpiece. I encourage you to not bring your best mouthpiece unless you have completely given up on what your mouthpiece brings to you. I make or repair Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Sax mouthpieces. Occasionally I will make Bass Sax or Sopranino mouthpiece. I do work on metal mouthpieces but prefer not to work on steel mouthpieces. If I accept a steel mouthpiece to work on my shop time price increases.
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MV Alto Sax Mouthpiece (Alto Sax Mouthpiece)
I make, repair, and modify mouthpieces.

MV Mouthpieces are also known as MikeVaccaro Mouthpieces and also known as M&M mouthpieces when I partnered with my mentor Marc Yacoubian.

I start with blanks (or sometimes called shells) from various sources. These are mouthpieces that have been molded or made via CNC but are not finished. I take them from that state to the finished state of a ready to play mouthpiece.

I have some mouthpieces already made so you can come in and try them or buy them right off the cart. Others I wait until we can work together to find exactly what you are looking for.

Since literally every musician is looking for something a little different even though we could agree a certain mouthpiece plays well it may not be the one for you. That is why I am always hesitant to just send one in the mail. I will do that but please make sure and READ my return policy.

I make Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone mouthpieces. You can always bring in or send me a mouthpiece you want worked on however unless you are dire straights and nothing is working please don't send your best mouthpiece as it will be different when I am done. Steel mouthpiece increase shop time as they are very slow to work on.
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Mouthpiece Patch (Mouthpiece Patch)
Mouthpiece patches to save your mouthpiece from the teeth and to mute the vibrations going to you head from the mouthpiece. Available in small, clarinet size, and large
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Eastman Esperto Soprano Sax Reed (Soprano Sax)
This reed has less wood in the heart of the reed than the Venuto model which allows the reed to vibrate more easily. The cane is excellent from the Var region of France. Eastman Winds has a winner here. 10 reeds per box.
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CD - A Dué (Chamber Jazz) (A Dué)
One of my very best friends, Gerry Schroeder, and I used to spend an afternoon every munching on on fine food and drinking fine wine. Of course, this led to playing some tunes together. After a while we decided "why not make a CD", since some of the rehearsals seemed historic. This is what we came up with, featuring a lot of tunes by Gerry and the only tune I ever wrote. We threw in a couple of great standards, too. You Can Count On Me by Cy Coleman With Every Breath I Take by Cy Coleman Bennie's In Heaven by Gerry Schroeder Confused Blues by Mike Vaccaro Wine and Stein is Fine by Gerry Schroeder Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Jerome Kern Looking North From North Dakota by Gerry Schroeder Basses are People Too by Gerry Schroeder Bent Blues By Gerry Schroeder Maddie's Blues by Clausen Elegy for Bill and Monk by Gerry Schroeder Song for Stomper by Gerry Schroeder He's Asleep by Alf Clausen
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CD Caprice (Classical Chamber Music) (Caprice)
This CD features songs from a year of practice, multiple times a week, and then we picked our favorite pieces for the album. After the album we spent the next 10 years concertizing and making music together.

Titles Include:

Caprice for "C" Clarinet, By Jack Reidling
Three Chinese Poems, By Jack Reidling
Visits to St. Elizabeth's, By Ned Rorem
Cantata, By Allesandro Scarlatti
A Ballad of Good Lord Nelson, By Judith Dunlore
Johnny, By Jack Reidling
Piano Piece, By Jack Reidling
The Day it Rained at the LA County Museum. By Jack Reidling
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