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Thumb Cushion (Thumb Rest)
Take the pressure off your right thumb. Available for clarinet......Fits all standard thumb rests
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ReedJuvinate Single Reed
ReedJuvinate is a new product on the market to maintain the reed in perfect humidity. Take the reed out of the device and play knowing that the reed is ready to go, with no wrinkles in the tip or any other other problems.
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ReedJunivate Double Reed (Double Reed)
ReedJuvinate is a new product on the market, the purpose of which is to maintain the reed in perfect humidity. Take the reed out of the device and play, knowing that the reed is ready to go, with no wrinkles in the tip or any other other problems. Find ReedJuvinate for single reeds in the accessory area of this site.
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Black Diamond G4 Reed Tool.
Reed Geek Universal Tool Classic Plaque and & Guage SetReed Geek Universal Tool with Handle (Reed Adjustment Tool)
The Reed Geek brings us single reed and double reed adjustment tools in the new paradigm. It is a money saving tool in that more reeds work thus lessening your dependency on buying boxes upon boxes of reeds. One big advantage is the tool is small and fits in most cases. Though primarily a sax tool there is a version of the tool that works with double reeds too.
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Burnishing Tool (Burnishing Tool)
The burnishing tool is a quick and easy way to restore a fine blade on any reed knife. For Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Sax, and Bassoon knives.
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Reed Works Knife
Beveled Reed Knife (Beveled Reed Knife)
Fine Handmade Knives for Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet and Sax. Bill Stevens of Reed Works. looked for a year for the perfect metal that would get sharp easily and stay sharp with a minimum of work. . The beveled knives are available in Right or Left handed models.
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Mouthpiece Patch (Mouthpiece Patch)
Mouthpiece patches to save your mouthpiece from the teeth and to mute the vibrations going to you head from the mouthpiece. Available in small, clarinet size, and large
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Silverstein OmniCap (small) (Small Reed and Mouthpiece Cap)
This is a reed and mouthpiece cap to work with the Silverstein Ligatures, and is for smaller instruments like clarinet, and alto sax etc. Works on all smaller mouthpieces like Eb clarinet, Soprano sax, and Bb clarinet.
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Leather Strop (Strop)
This Strop by Bill Stevens has a rough side for a quick sharpening of your knife with rough leather and a fine side with tanned leather to smooth out any burrs that may have been created in your initial sharpening.
(original blurb)This strop has a rough side and a tanned fine side. It is attached to a wood paddle to facilitate putting it your case.
Silverstein OmniCap (med-lg) (Medium Mouthpiece Cap)
A reed cap for the Silverstein Ligature for Tenor and Bari Sax, Bass Clarinet etc
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Plaque and Guage Set
Reed Geek Black Diamond Tool and Plaque and Gauge Set (Reed Adjustment System)
The newest reed adjustment tool that will now work with double reeds that comes with a measurement and adjustment aid.
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Klangbogen Bore & Reed Stabilizer
Reed Geek Klangbogen Bore and Reed Stabilizer (Sound Stabilizer)
This nifty little devise fits through the lyre slot and rests firmly against the saxophone to change the overtone series and thus the sound to a more compact and beautiful tone. Made for most saxes including a separate model for Yamaha.
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Silverstein Reed Cure (Reed Cure)
This is my personal favorite new product in many years.

The reed cure sanitizes your reed with ultraviolet rays, dries it, and tightens the pores of the reed... all in five minutes. Simply plug it into the computer with the firewire cable that comes with it, and it is good for 32 uses before it needs to be re-charged. I can't tell you enough how much I am personally impressed with this new idea in reed care.

I put every reed through this reed cure. I find it especially good when I have adjusted a new reed and put it in the device only to take it out in 5 minutes "cured" and ready to play. No more waiting overnight to see what the adjustment did. Wow !!!!!
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ATG Reed System
Ridenour ATG Reed System (Reed Adjustment System)
This single reed adjustment package is easy to use and comes with a video and a booklet to explain the simple process. Save money on all the reeds you won't have to buy.

We also supply you with the best reeds available today on this site which saves you even more money.
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ReedGeek neo bag with microfiber cloth
Reed Geek Black Neoprene Bag Set (Carry Bag)
To hold your Geek tools and comes with a polishing cloth. Classy looking.
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