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Eastman Venuto Clarinet Reed (Clarinet)
Good cane makes good reeds. The Venuto reed has great cane and is a thicker cut then the Esperto which is great for those clarinetists that are looking for more darkness and resistance. If you never have used this brand before you owe it to yourself to try them. The cut is a little different so you may need to use your reed adjustment system but this great cane gives you lots of reeds that work out of a box. 10 reeds per box.
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Eastman Esperto Clarinet Reed (Clarinet Reed)
This reed has less wood in the heart of the reed than the Venuto model which allows the reed to vibrate more easily. The cane is excellent from the Var region of France. Eastman Winds has a winner here. 10 reeds per box.
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Silverstein "Alta" Clarinet Reeds (Alta Reeds)


Simply the Best - Come try them. Containers include 10 Reeds

Silverstein Works' “Alta” Reeds represent a new paradigm in reeds. With cane from the Mediterranean, and not the usual Var cane, and with their intense and total quality control overseen by German Technicians, they are able to guarantee that a reed will work, or you may return it to them for a replacement.

This is something unparalleled in the world of reeds.

You have no idea what a big deal this is for woodwind musicians. Please do not return reeds unless you have knowledge of reeds and how to adjust them. You should have a history of adjusting reeds for several years, with some success, to consider returning cane.

Having experience with reed adjustment tools like the “ATG Reed System”, “Reed Geek”, or some other system is essential. You should also have a reed knife (yes, you can buy them from me along with reed systems) and know how to sharpen it to the correct sharpness for working on single reeds.

My experience, so far, is that they all played when properly adjusted,  A return card comes with each container of reeds.

By the way, each container of ALTA reeds is environmentally sound, being packaged with all paper products and not plastic that ends up in the ocean.

It is my opinion you should order your reeds a full size smaller unless you like resistance or like to work your reeds down while fine tuning them.

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