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Music Business Consultation (Consultation)
If you find that music performance is not for you, but you are still interested in music as a living, I offer advice on the many opportunities in the business of music. We discuss not only what the available options are, but what kind of training you might need to pursue any particular role in the huge business of music and related careers. My experience includes music contracting, producing recordings, producing industrial shows, producing theme parties, studio practices, teaching, putting on concert series, running a casual music office, mouthpiece making, clarinet barrels and bell design, shop owner, and a variety of other adventures. Consultation lasts about an hour per session. Lessons are available on Skype or Facetime and in person.
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Woodwind Music Lessons (Woodwind Lessons)
Clarinet, Sax, Flute, and Oboe.

Learn though standard study books, and the repertoire, the technique of the clarinet and saxophone. Study is based on incremental learning, with an emphasis on playing musically and enjoying music. Also discussed, is how to practice and listen, which may be the most important thing you can learn to ultimately teach yourself.

Classical and Jazz genres are available for study.

Lessons are available in person, on FaceTime or Skype.

My background includes, Big Bands, Small Group Jazz, Long Beach Opera, Broadway Shows, Motion Pictures, Classical Soloist, Trio Musique (chamber music trio), and Celebrity Accompaniment both as a sideperson and Music Contractor.

Listen to my CD's at www.mikevaccaro.com/cd.html

Lessons are about an hour long.
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Single Reed Adjustment (Reed Adjustment Instruction)
Learn the art of making almost every reed in a box work. Remember, your tone is a combination of a great mouthpiece, ligature, and REED. Learn to balance a reed for YOUR mouthpiece. Lessons are in person, via FaceTime, or Skype. Lessons are about an hour.
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