These are mouthpieces that will work with your Bb and A clarinets and occasionally will work well on a "C" clarinet depending on the bore.
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Clarinet M1 Professional Clarinet Mouthpiece (M1 Clarinet Mouthpiece)
The M1 mouthpiece is designed for those general music uses like: Broadway Pit, Jazz and Pop Music, Celebrity Accompaniment and all circumstances where you might want a slightly more open and free blowing mouthpiece, or the ability to use a slightly softer reed. Works great with a 3 to 3.5/4 reed.
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Clarinet M2 Symphonic Clarinet Mouthpiece (M2 Symphonic Clarinet Mouthpiece)
This mouthpiece is ideal for Symphonic and Chamber Music. More closed than the M1 model which allows the player to play longer without fatigue, The sound is darker and rounder than the M1, but still blows free, allowing the musician to control the resistance with the reed.
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