Custom Sax Mouthpieces

By special order we can order blanks for sopranino and bass sax. We can also do custom work on your current mouthpiece ( never send your best mouthpiece unless it just is not what you want as it will play differently when you get it back).
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Custom Sax Mouthpieces (Custom Mouthpiece)
We provide you with a  sax mouthpiece with facings appropriate for classical, jazz, and commercial uses. It is always better to come to the shop and try before you buy, however if you are far away, the store is a good way to start.

With our custom program, we select a blank (also known as a shell) and make a custom mouthpiece for you. This may be a blank we don't have in stock and get from one of our regular suppliers,  or it may be a mouthpiece already on the market that you like. It also might be a size mouthpiece we do not normally carry.

Sorry we don't work on steel mouthpieces very often, and will charge you more as the work is so slow and tedious, and harder to guarantee. We do work on other metals however. We also re-plate and refurbish metal mouthpieces including bite plates.
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