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MV Alto Sax Mouthpiece (Alto Sax Mouthpiece)
I make, repair, and modify mouthpieces.

MV Mouthpieces are also known as MikeVaccaro Mouthpieces and also known as M&M mouthpieces when I partnered with my mentor Marc Yacoubian.

I start with blanks (or sometimes called shells) from various sources. These are mouthpieces that have been molded or made via CNC but are not finished. I take them from that state to the finished state of a ready to play mouthpiece.

I have some mouthpieces already made so you can come in and try them or buy them right off the cart. Others I wait until we can work together to find exactly what you are looking for.

Since literally every musician is looking for something a little different even though we could agree a certain mouthpiece plays well it may not be the one for you. That is why I am always hesitant to just send one in the mail. I will do that but please make sure and READ my return policy.

I make Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone mouthpieces. You can always bring in or send me a mouthpiece you want worked on however unless you are dire straights and nothing is working please don't send your best mouthpiece as it will be different when I am done. Steel mouthpiece increase shop time as they are very slow to work on.
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MV Mouthpieces for Saxophone (Sax Mouthpieces)
I make MV Mouthpieces, also seen as MikeVaccaro Mouthpieces, and also known as M&M mouthpieces when I was working with my mentor Marc Yacoubian. I make mouthpieces from blanks (also called shells) of many different materials mostly hard rubber, Ebonite, or some plastics. These blanks are molded or made through a CNC process. When I get them they are not finished so I make them into a ready to play product. I also adjust, repair, and reface your current mouthpiece. I encourage you to not bring your best mouthpiece unless you have completely given up on what your mouthpiece brings to you. I make or repair Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Sax mouthpieces. Occasionally I will make Bass Sax or Sopranino mouthpiece. I do work on metal mouthpieces but prefer not to work on steel mouthpieces. If I accept a steel mouthpiece to work on my shop time price increases.
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